Karen Rokos has been providing professional harp maintenance service for more than 30 years. She is the harp technician for the Boston Symphony, Atlanta Symphony, New England Conservatory of Music and many of the top level professional harpists working today. She has experience working on harps that range in age from the second harp Lyon & Healy sold in 1897 to brand new harps still under warranty.

The “Buzz Busters”

Certified Harp Technicians Karen Rokos

and James Pinkerton

Why use a Lyon & Healy Factory Certified Technician? Isn’t all harp technicians’ training the same?
No. Right now, anyone with any amount of training can call themselves a “harp technician” without breaking any laws. The only way you can be really sure the technician you hire to work on your valuable instrument is really qualified is to ask your harp’s  manufacturer. With Lyon & Healy and Salvi harps, you can easily check by looking at this listing on Lyon & Healy Harps Inc. official web site:

Harpist Karen Rokos = Halifax, Nova Scotia

e-mail karen@harpmail.com = Phone 902.221.7471