Karen has made the investment it takes to bring you the best solo harp entertainment available. She performs on three very different harps, and she has the skill and equipment needed for a fabulous sound on them all. Here are her comments on each of them:


Lyon & Healy Style 23 pedal harp

Lyon & Healy Electric Harp

Salvi Egan Lever Harp

This is the harp I use for all my recitals and orchestra work. It’s about ten years old, but the hand-carved scroll work was designed by Lyon & Healy in the 1890s. It’s great for Victorian theme events.

A fully electric instrument, this harp still has the sweet sound of the acoustic harp, but has the best amplified sound of all my harps. The best choice for events  in a large hall or those with a great number of guests.

This is a large Celtic style harp. It has a nice big sound and can be amplified, but it’s best for smaller groups if you are looking for background music.

Harpist Karen Rokos = Halifax, Nova Scotia

e-mail karen@harpmail.com = Phone 902.221.7471